italki as a Means for Conversation Practice

italki has played a huge role in my life over the previous 2 years. Earning money as an English Community Tutor online enabled me to have a lot of freedom as a college student. I was able to carry the job with me when I moved to Houston to pursue my master’s degree as wellContinue reading “italki as a Means for Conversation Practice”

A Strategy for Starting a New Language: Apps

One of the most difficult parts of learning a language is starting. The plethora of resources and language apps available online can ironically make the process more difficult. Aside from the mainstream language apps like Babbel and Memrise, there are numerous other online language schools and apps. Trying to pick one that you believe isContinue reading “A Strategy for Starting a New Language: Apps”

Introduction to the Language Learner Blog

My journey with German started off as a curiosity. As a way to explore distant ancestry and a general interest in the culture I took a German course throughout my freshman year of college. I gained further interest in the language studying its endless collection of compound words and challenging grammar. I went on toContinue reading “Introduction to the Language Learner Blog”