Best Way to Learn Portuguese: 5 Tested Methods

Finding the best way to learn Portuguese is trickier than other languages. Some languages like English, Spanish, and French have a plethora of great language learning resources. Portuguese isn’t as commonly studied, as a result not every language learning service is going to offer it. Here I’ll go through all five of the methods IContinue reading “Best Way to Learn Portuguese: 5 Tested Methods”

LingQ – The Best Language Learning App?

LingQ is without a doubt my favorite language learning app. It’s mentioned constantly here at the Language Learner Blog. It’s a resource that I’ve used religiously to study languages over the past several years. Everyone seems to have heard of Duolingo and maybe other language learning apps like Memrise or Babbel. This lesser-known app hasContinue reading “LingQ – The Best Language Learning App?”