Why Is Chinese Hard to Learn? 2 Main Reasons

You could start by asking ‘Is Chinese hard to learn?’, but many already assume that it is. This assumption is respectfully deserved. The differences between Chinese and languages from western Europe are quite vast. At its core, this is what makes Chinese difficult for Westerners. I started learning Mandarin Chinese in December of 2020. TheContinue reading “Why Is Chinese Hard to Learn? 2 Main Reasons”

Is Dutch Easy to Learn? 3 Reasons I Was Surprised

Dutch’s Germanic roots make it an easy language to learn for English and German speakers alike. This is likely true for speakers of other Germanic languages as well. Why is Dutch easy to learn for people that speak these languages? Learning Dutch has been a pleasant surprise the past 8 weeks. In large part becauseContinue reading “Is Dutch Easy to Learn? 3 Reasons I Was Surprised”

Language Learning Goals: 2022

I’ve never been one to set New Year’s resolutions, but when it comes to language learning goals, this year I’m all in. Language learning has been a constant friend to me. It’s become a part of my daily life more and more each year. Setting goals for my target languages this year seems like aContinue reading “Language Learning Goals: 2022”

How Many Languages Can You Learn in a Lifetime?

To answer the question “how many languages can you learn?” we’ll break it down into smaller parts. Learning some languages can take several years even when you’re studying an hour every day. Others can be learned in a few months if you know a closely related language. Therefore, we’ll first determine how many languages, onContinue reading “How Many Languages Can You Learn in a Lifetime?”

Learning Two Languages at Once: 3 Challenges and How to Beat Them

If you’re new to language learning the answer to “Can you learn two languages at once?” might seem like a mystery to you. Even in the case that you’ve already learned to speak a foreign language, the concept of learning two languages at once might be an intimidating endeavor. There are specific challenges to learningContinue reading “Learning Two Languages at Once: 3 Challenges and How to Beat Them”

English Language Learning: 5 Steps for Fluency

English is a global language useful for travel, work, and socializing. This makes English language learning a critical skill for those that want to gain fluency. Once you reach an intermediate level in English, reaching fluency feels like a distant destination. In some ways it’s easier to learn at this level. You can begin learningContinue reading “English Language Learning: 5 Steps for Fluency”

The Scots Language: An Introduction and Resources

Before I get into my story, I want to establish that I’m talking about the Scots language not Scottish Gaelic. Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language very distantly related to English. Scots is a Germanic language very closely related to English in ways that I’ll describe further in the article. Origins of My Journey withContinue reading “The Scots Language: An Introduction and Resources”

Learn Portuguese: 4 Tips for Success

To learn Portuguese is a more unique experience than other languages. Portuguese is spoken in a wide variety of countries as a native language, spanning several continents. The most notorious countries being Portugal and Brazil. Despite being spoken by over 250+ million people globally it’s not thought of as a language with a lot ofContinue reading “Learn Portuguese: 4 Tips for Success”

Best Way to Learn German: 9 Methods Reviewed

German was the first foreign language that I learned to conversational fluency. The path to gaining high proficiency in the language was anything but a straight line. Regardless, it taught me a lot about what the best way to learn German was for me and other languages that I would pursue in the future. MyContinue reading “Best Way to Learn German: 9 Methods Reviewed”

5 Tips for Studying a Language from Home

The internet and technologies have made learning a language from home tremendously more realistic. Studying a language from home for many is a preference. Traditional courses are often seen as unproductive and their teaching methods outdated. Nowadays you can connect with speakers of foreign languages around the world and the resources available to study someContinue reading “5 Tips for Studying a Language from Home”