Best Way to Learn Portuguese: 5 Tested Methods

Finding the best way to learn Portuguese is trickier than other languages. Some languages like English, Spanish, and French have a plethora of great language learning resources. Portuguese isn’t as commonly studied, as a result not every language learning service is going to offer it. Here I’ll go through all five of the methods IContinue reading “Best Way to Learn Portuguese: 5 Tested Methods”

Are Flashcards a Good Way to Learn Vocabulary?

This is an interesting question that applies not only to language learners but also to those trying to expand their vocabulary in their native language. Flashcards are synonymous with learning. Everybody has used them at some point in their life whether it was to prepare for a biology test, a quiz in Spanish, the GMAT,Continue reading “Are Flashcards a Good Way to Learn Vocabulary?”

What is the Best Way to Learn a Language?

The initial answer to this question is easy to give but gets more complex when you’re answering it for a single individual. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to their learning style and daily activities or hobbies. I don’t believe there is a universal best way to study a language, but I doContinue reading “What is the Best Way to Learn a Language?”

Kindle and Reading in Language Learning

Kindle is currently one of my favorite language learning tools. The convenience and functionality of the device are what stand out the most. It’s easy to take with you when traveling and is much more durable than a book. It’s also a great way to learn new vocabulary while reading in a foreign language. ReadingContinue reading “Kindle and Reading in Language Learning”