Why Is Chinese Hard to Learn? 2 Main Reasons

You could start by asking ‘Is Chinese hard to learn?’, but many already assume that it is. This assumption is respectfully deserved. The differences between Chinese and languages from western Europe are quite vast. At its core, this is what makes Chinese difficult for Westerners. I started learning Mandarin Chinese in December of 2020. TheContinue reading “Why Is Chinese Hard to Learn? 2 Main Reasons”

Best Way to Learn Portuguese: 5 Tested Methods

Finding the best way to learn Portuguese is trickier than other languages. Some languages like English, Spanish, and French have a plethora of great language learning resources. Portuguese isn’t as commonly studied, as a result not every language learning service is going to offer it. Here I’ll go through all five of the methods IContinue reading “Best Way to Learn Portuguese: 5 Tested Methods”

Are Flashcards a Good Way to Learn Vocabulary?

This is an interesting question that applies not only to language learners but also to those trying to expand their vocabulary in their native language. Flashcards are synonymous with learning. Everybody has used them at some point in their life whether it was to prepare for a biology test, a quiz in Spanish, the GMAT,Continue reading “Are Flashcards a Good Way to Learn Vocabulary?”

What is the Best Way to Learn a Language?

The initial answer to this question is easy to give but gets more complex when you’re answering it for a single individual. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to their learning style and daily activities or hobbies. I don’t believe there is a universal best way to study a language, but I doContinue reading “What is the Best Way to Learn a Language?”

LingQ – The Best Language Learning App?

LingQ is without a doubt my favorite language learning app. It’s mentioned constantly here at the Language Learner Blog. It’s a resource that I’ve used religiously to study languages over the past several years. Everyone seems to have heard of Duolingo and maybe other language learning apps like Memrise or Babbel. This lesser-known app hasContinue reading “LingQ – The Best Language Learning App?”

How Fast Can You Learn Spanish?

Learning a language is an enormous challenge that can take months or years and never really ends once you’ve reached a high proficiency level. This makes answering the question ‘How fast can you learn Spanish?’ less than straightforward. It first makes sense to define what is meant by “learn”. The word doesn’t imply fluency necessarily.Continue reading “How Fast Can You Learn Spanish?”

A Strategy for Starting a New Language: Apps

One of the most difficult parts of learning a language is starting. The plethora of resources and language apps available online can ironically make the process more difficult. Aside from the mainstream language apps like Babbel and Memrise, there are numerous other online language schools and apps. Trying to pick one that you believe isContinue reading “A Strategy for Starting a New Language: Apps”

Duolingo and an Example of How to Use It Effectively

Duolingo is in no way a means to an end in language learning. If used in a practical way, however, it can be a powerful tool. It’s important to know how to use Duolingo effectively. Use Duolingo in Moderation The best way to use Duolingo is to use it in moderation. As a result ofContinue reading “Duolingo and an Example of How to Use It Effectively”