Netflix Review: “Bróder” (No Spoilers)

The purpose of this article is to give a brief review of the movie “Bróder” from the perspective of a language learner. I’ll discuss what you might get out of watching it if you’re learning Brazilian Portuguese and give some general hints to the plot of the film.

The film is about a group of 3 friends that get back together to celebrate one of their birthdays. The movie takes place in a single day and focuses most prominently on the life of the birthday boy. The film takes place in a Brazilian favela and is meant to capture ordinary life there. The production of the film isn’t particularly breathtaking but it’s not bad enough to make you cringe or prevent you from enjoying it.

The vocabulary in the movie contains a lot of diria or slang. I picked up a lot of phrases and words that I had heard for the first time from this movie. “Cê tá me tirando, mano?” (Are you messing with me, bro?) was the most frequent phrase that I remember learning while I also caught on to words and phrases such as quebrada (‘hood), ramelando (getting cold feet) and “Tô firmão” (I’m game). I’d highly recommend consulting a Brazilian before using any of the slang you learn from this film.

Overall, I think there many more interesting movies to choose from on Netflix over “Bróder”. It’s surely not a film I’d recommend to anyone looking for a good movie, but maybe for a language learner who’s already burned through some of the Brazilian Netflix catalog it’s the right choice.

The main actors starring in the film are Caio Blat, Jonathan Haagensen and Silvio Guindane.

I’ve written an article on how to make the most of watching foreign language content on Netflix that you can find here. I highly recommend reading it if you’re serious about learning languages from movies and series.

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