featured image for pets conversation starters page, orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy

Pets Conversation Questions

Do you have any pets?

What kind of pets are they?

Can you tell me their names?

Would you consider yourself a cat or a dog person?

Do you think dogs are friendlier than cats?

Are cats easier to take care of then dogs?

Tell me some benefits of having a pet dog.

Benefits of a pet cat.

Questions for dog owners:

What do you like about have a dog as a pet?

Do you prefer to have small dogs or big dogs?

Tell me about the personality of your dog or dogs.

Do you take your dog on walks?

How often should someone take their dog for a walk?

Does your dog get along well with other dogs?  

As a dog owner, what’s your opinion of dog shows?

What would you consider to be a healthy dog diet?

What do you feed your dog?

Do you buy them food from the store or buy it for them?

Are they allowed to eat “people food”?

Questions for cat owners:

Why do you like having cats as a pet?

What do you feed you cat?

Do you make them food or buy it from the store?

Are cats less needy than dogs? Do they need less attention?

Do get tired of cleaning cat litter?

Is owning a pet expensive?

Are some pets more expensive than others?

How often should you take a pet to the veterinarian to get a check-up?

Does it depend on the animal?

Do you consider a fish to be a “pet”?

Would you ever have a pet snake?

A pet tarantula or other spider?

Would you ever let you child get a pet snake or tarantula?

What do think about having a monkey or chimpanzee as a pet?

Do you know anyone that has exotic pets?

Tell me what you consider an exotic pet.