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Dating Conversation Questions

Do you like dating?

Does it feel like a chore or is it something you have fun doing?

At what places do you like to go to on dates? (Restaurants, movie theaters, etc.)

Do you prefer going on dates in the morning, afternoon, or evening more?

Describe to me your ideal first date.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? How about the best?

How do you feel about double dates?

Have you ever gone on a double date?

Do you enjoy it more or less than a date with just your partner?

What are some fun double date ideas?

Is it appropriate to date people that you work with?

What about people that you go to school with?

Does your employer have rules about dating people that you work with?

Do you like romance?

What are some things that you find romantic?

Do you like romantic gifts like flowers?

What is your opinion of Valentine’s Day?

Do you look forward to the holiday?

How do you normally spend the day? Do you try to do something special?

Does your partner like the holiday?

Do you have any interesting Valentine’s Day stories?

Does your country have any holidays for couples that are similar to or different from Valentine’s Day?

If yes, how are they the same or different?

What’s your opinion on them?

How long should a couple date before they get married?

Should people date to look for a spouse or to have fun?

Do you think a couple should live together before they get married?

If yes, how long?

Is it a good idea for a couple to adopt a pet together?

Do you think it’s a good way for a couple to prepare for children?

What’s the best kind of pet for a couple to adopt?

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