LingQ – The Best Language Learning App?

LingQ is without a doubt my favorite language learning app. It’s mentioned constantly here at the Language Learner Blog. It’s a resource that I’ve used religiously to study languages over the past several years. Everyone seems to have heard of Duolingo and maybe other language learning apps like Memrise or Babbel. This lesser-known app hasContinue reading “LingQ – The Best Language Learning App?”

Podcasts as a Tool for Passive Language Learning

Podcasts can be a great way to learn a language passively. There’s a certain practicality in listening to podcasts that you can’t get from sitting and reading a book or watching a movie in the sense that you more or less have to solely engage in these activities. A podcast can be listened to anywhere,Continue reading “Podcasts as a Tool for Passive Language Learning”

Passive Method for Language Learning with YouTube

YouTube is a great tool for any kind of learning. For me it’s my go-to lifeline when I want to learn about something whether it be through a product review or a how-to oriented video. It can be used for everything from car repairs to tech reviews. It’s the practical nature of the platform thatContinue reading “Passive Method for Language Learning with YouTube”

italki as a Means for Conversation Practice

italki has played a huge role in my life over the previous 2 years. Earning money as an English Community Tutor online enabled me to have a lot of freedom as a college student. I was able to carry the job with me when I moved to Houston to pursue my master’s degree as wellContinue reading “italki as a Means for Conversation Practice”

A Strategy for Starting a New Language: Apps

One of the most difficult parts of learning a language is starting. The plethora of resources and language apps available online can ironically make the process more difficult. Aside from the mainstream language apps like Babbel and Memrise, there are numerous other online language schools and apps. Trying to pick one that you believe isContinue reading “A Strategy for Starting a New Language: Apps”

Kindle and Reading in Language Learning

Kindle is currently one of my favorite language learning tools. The convenience and functionality of the device are what stand out the most. It’s easy to take with you when traveling and is much more durable than a book. It’s also a great way to learn new vocabulary while reading in a foreign language. ReadingContinue reading “Kindle and Reading in Language Learning”

A Guide for Language Learning with Netflix

Netflix language learning can be a great tool for learners that know or can speak a language at an intermediate or advanced level. The Netflix language learning extension available on Google Chrome called Language Learning with Netflix makes learning a language with Netflix a more productive experience for intermediate language learners. Learning a language withContinue reading “A Guide for Language Learning with Netflix”

Duolingo and an Example of How to Use It Effectively

Duolingo is in no way a means to an end in language learning. If used in a practical way, however, it can be a powerful tool. It’s important to know how to use Duolingo effectively. Use Duolingo in Moderation The best way to use Duolingo is to use it in moderation. As a result ofContinue reading “Duolingo and an Example of How to Use It Effectively”