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Learn English with Travel Dialogue by Conner Worm

Founder of Language Learner, polyglot and author Conner Worm has learned 3 foreign languages to conversational fluency and is currently studying a fourth.

Through his language learning journey he’s learned the value that dialogue has as a tool for learning how to communicate in a second language with native speakers. The author has taken all of those lessons and created a book with content that’s a perfect resource for those learning English at any skill level.

The book contains fun travel dialogue that follows two relatable characters as they travel in Chicago, Arizona and Utah, exploring the United States. It’s written for beginners and intermediate skill levels, however, readers of any level will benefit from learning new phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

This book is intended for those already at an A1 to B1 language level or those looking gain a more native-like vocabulary.

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