A Guide for Language Learning with Netflix

Netflix language learning can be a great tool for learners that know or can speak a language at an intermediate or advanced level. The Netflix language learning extension available on Google Chrome called Language Learning with Netflix makes learning a language with Netflix a more productive experience for intermediate language learners. Learning a language withContinue reading “A Guide for Language Learning with Netflix”

Duolingo and an Example of How to Use It Effectively

Duolingo is in no way a means to an end in language learning. If used in a practical way, however, it can be a powerful tool. It’s important to know how to use Duolingo effectively. Use Duolingo in Moderation The best way to use Duolingo is to use it in moderation. As a result ofContinue reading “Duolingo and an Example of How to Use It Effectively”

Introduction to the Language Learner Blog

My journey with German started off as a curiosity. As a way to explore distant ancestry and a general interest in the culture I took a German course throughout my freshman year of college. I gained further interest in the language studying its endless collection of compound words and challenging grammar. I went on toContinue reading “Introduction to the Language Learner Blog”