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Language Learner was created out of the founder’s passion for languages. Conner Worm has learned 3 foreign languages and is a language coach.

Coaching is available to anyone learning a foreign language, even English. Conner can give coaching sessions in his native language English as well as in Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

The Language Learner blog has useful information for anyone learning a foreign language. Some articles are somewhat more applicable to the languages that Conner already speaks. These languages are frequently used in blog examples. Some articles are also specific to a certain language.

Other resources available on Language Learner are dedicated to those learning English.

We have ESL conversation starters covering various topics with conversation questions.

Our eBook Learn English with Travel Dialogue, available on Amazon Kindle, places emphasis on phrasal verbs and colloquial expressions so that English learners can learn to speak more like a native speaker.


At Language Learner it’s a strongly held belief that there is no universal best way to learn a new language. There is, however, a best way to learn a new language for each individual.

Learn More About the Language Learner Founder

Conner Worm is a passionate language learner and a language coach. He’s spent 8 years studying foreign languages. Conner has learned to speak German, Portuguese, Spanish and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese.

His goal here is to share those experiences, resources and general strategies which were key to him becoming a successful language learner as well as how they evolve as he builds on his success with German, Portuguese, Spanish and continues building his skill sets in Mandarin.

If you would like to book a coaching session with him you can do so here on the Language Learner coaching page.

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